Access to data

Access to data, data products, and digital tools

The new ATMO-ACCESS Online Service and Cross RI Training Facility comprises 10 installations and is located at the following locations:

  1. ACTRIS Data Centre (ACTRIS DC_NILU) at NILU, Kjeller, Norway
  2. ACTRIS Data Centre unit at FMI (ACTRIS DC_FMI) in Helsinki, Finland
  3. ACTRIS Data Centre unit at CNR (ACTRIS DC_CNR) in Potenza, Italy
  4. ICOS Carbon Portal at ULUND (ICOS CP_ICOS-ERIC) in Lund, Sweden
  5. ICOS Carbon Portal unit at ULUND (ICOS CP_ULUND) in Lund, Sweden
  6. ICOS Carbon Portal unit at CNRS (ICOS CP_CNRS-ATC) in Paris, France
  7. IAGOS Data Centre at CNRS (IAGOS DC_CNRS) in Toulouse, France
  8. Cross-RI-Training unit at EMPA (X-RI-Train_EMPA) in Dübendorf, Switzerland
  9. Cross-RI-Training unit at IMT (X-RI-Train_TROPOS) in Douai, France
  10. Cross-RI-Training unit at TROPOS (X-RI-Train_TROPOS) in Leipzig, Germany

Additionally to the ATMO-ACCESS website, the access to the new on-line data, and computing and training services developed within ATMO-ACCESs will be made available from the respective RI’s data centres of the ACTRIS, ICOS and IAGOS research infrastructures (RI) that are involved: