Atmospheric and Environmental research infrastructure online training

6–10 November, 2023

The ATMO-ACCESS project supports innovative training and education activities related to atmospheric research infrastructures. It is crucial for the future success of European atmospheric research related facilities to ensure that new generations of researchers acquire knowledge and skills to take advantage of all the essential tools for their research.

The activities of the National Atmospheric Observatory Košetice (NAOK) are focused on the study the atmosphere and the environment, their interactions and influence on the climate. Participation of NAOK in two international research infrastructures, ACTRIS and ICOS, provides unique research cooperation to support synergy studies. There is also an added value to the two RIs – collaboration with the RECETOX, Masaryk University, which implements research on Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in several matrices. This research gives NAOK a huge opportunity for multidisciplinary research of atmospheric aerosols, air quality, climate change and the influence of emergent pollutants on human health.

The NAOK training workshop will introduce activities connected with research on atmospheric components (aerosol, trace gases and clouds, GHGs fluxes), environment pollutants (POPs), remote sensing application and air quality in general. A special online format of the training workshop allows the participants to manage each training day according to their learning pace and timing schedule. Moreover, practical videos show all the details of daily routine work at the observatory. At the end of each training session, there will be specially focused knowledge quizzes to test the newly acquired skills of the participants.

Target group:

The training course is intended mainly for early-career researchers, students (advanced masters students, doctoral students) and technicians in the field of atmospheric and environmental research. Knowledge of atmospheric or environmental sciences is an advantage, but not required. A good understanding of English is recommended.

Course content:

The training workshop will introduce:

  • General information on large research infrastructures at NAOK
  • atmospheric and environmental research and selected measurement techniques related to the research topics.
  • relevant case studies
  • the role of VOCs in the atmosphere
  • The interaction of atmosphere and vegetation (Ecosystem stations and the Eddy covariance method).
  • The influence of toxic compounds (POPs) on the environment
  • Remote sensing application in global climate research

How to apply:

Applications are open via this on-line form until 31 October 2023.

Final programme

Download the final version of the programme here