Successful TNA provided through ATMO-ACCESS

The table below lists Trans-National Access provided to applicants to the ATMO-ACCESS Calls for Access, and their Activity Reports, when available. Please note that the reports in italics are confidential and available only to project partners and reviewers upon request.

#TNA IDInstitution NameTitle & Acronym of the projectHost Facility/iesType of access requestedActivity Report
1C1-CHAMBRE-1ETH Zürich (Switzerland)Survival of Antimicrobial Resistant Strains in the AirChAMBRe (ASC), ItalyPhysical accessActivity Report
2C1-FORTH-MSC-2Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS (Poland)The importance of sesquiterpene oxidation products for secondary organic aerosol formation – chamber experiments and field studies (SESQSOA)FORTH-MSC (MOB), GreecePhysical accessActivity Report
3C1-AURA-1University of Helsinki (Finland)Aarhus Chamber Campaign on Evaporation, Partitioning, and Terpene Oxidation (ACCEPTO)AURA (ASC), DenmarkPhysical accessActivity Report
4C1-ISAF-IZO/Obs- 1University of Helsinki (Finland)Chasing preindustrial aerosols at IzañaISAF – IZO (OBS), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
5C1- ISOLAB/CESAR-5Stockholm University (Sweden)Isotopic characterization of greenhouse gases – CO CH4 and CO2 – in sub-Saharan Africa background and urban environment.ISOLAB-UU @CESAR (CL), NetherlandsRemote accessUnavailable
6C1-LACROS-1Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich – ETH Zurich (Switzerland)Dual operation of 35 and 94 GHz radar during a seeding experiment (DORSE)LACROS (MOB), GermanyCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
7C1-SAPHIR-1University of Lille (France)Comparison of instruments detecting atmospheric organic peroxy radicals (ROxCOMP)SAPHIR (ASC), GermanyPhysical accessActivity Report
8C1-AIDA-1CNRS (France)AquaVIT-4 : International hygrometer intercomparison campaignAIDA (ASC), GermanyCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
9C1– CMN-PV -1University of Helsinki (Finland)New particle formation and its influence on air pollution in Po ValleyCMN-PV (OBS), ItalyCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
10C1-AGORA-1Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research Atmospheric Aerosol Research – IMK-AAF (Germany)Modular Observation Solution for Earth System (MOSE)AGORA (OBS), SpainPhysical accessActivity Report
11C1-PACS-C2-1CNRS-IRCELYON (France)Novel Molecular Understanding of Aerosol Formation (NUCLEATE)PACS-C2 (ASC), SwitzerlandPhysical accessUnavailable
12C1-CHAMBRE-2University of Manchester (United Kingdom)Validation of Real- time machine learning classification algorithms for the Detection of Airborne Pathogens using Novel Multi- Dimensional UV-LIF Spectrometers using Controlled ChamBRe Characterisation ExperimentsChAMBRe (ASC), ItalyPhysical accessActivity Report
13C1-ATMOS-1University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)BBAC TO Athens (Black-Brown carbon Aerosol Campaign ThroughOut Athens)ATMOS (OBS), GreecePhysical accessActivity Report
14C1-MAC-1ETH Zürich (Switzerland)Concentration and chemical composition contribution of Ice Nucleating particles from Biomass Burning emissions (IN-BB)MAC (ASC), United KingdomPhysical accessActivity Report
15C1-EVASO-1Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (Spain)Lidar data In a RT model for dust direct radiative effect estimation and evaluation against solar measurements (LiRTaSoM)EVASO (OBS), PortugalPhysical accessActivity Report
16C1-USRL-1University of Reading (United Kingdom)Diurnal vAriation of the vertically resolved siZe distribution in the Saharan Air Layer (DAZSAL)USRL (MOB), CyprusCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
17C1-KASCs-1North-West University (South Africa)Boreal and savanna fire aerosol ageing (BASFAA)KASCs (ASC), FinlandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
18C1-CAO-1Karsa Oy (Finland)Thermo Desorption – Multischeme chemical IONization inlet – Mass Spectrometer (TD-MION-MS) for atmospheric aerosol precursor and security research – proof of conceptCAO (OBS), CyprusPhysical accessUnavailable
19C1- EUPHORE/SMEAR II-1Aerosol d.o.o. (Slovenia)Advanced carbonaceous aerosol apportionment using Total Carbon Analyzer and newly developed Aethalometer prototype with extended wavelength range (ACAA:TC-BC 9λ)SMEAR II (OBS), Finland and EUPHORE (ASC), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
20C1-RADO-3Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)Training of hands-on operation of Lidars and data analysis at RODA.RADO (OBS), RomaniaPhysical accessUnavailable
21C1– KASCs -2The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)Probing Reactivity and Hygroscopicity Changes of Methanesulfonic Acid against OH Heterogeneous Oxidation using a Smog Chamber (MSAOH_CHAM)KASCs (ASC), FinlandPhysical accessUnavailable
22C1-RADO-2Czech Hydrometeorological Institute – CHMI / Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Czech Academy of Sciences – CAS (Czech Republic)SCC setup, testing and data check for the CHMI lidarRADO (OBS), RomaniaRemote accessActivity Report
23C1– CMN- PV/OPAR -1Stockholm University (Sweden)Net interactions between aerosol populations, fog and clouds under natural and anthropogenic influences (NetAeFoCs)CMN-PV (OBS), Italy and OPAR (OBS), FranceCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
24C1-AGORA-3Instituto Federal de São Paulo (Brazil)Characterizing the role of thErmal inversions and ABL dynamics on polen concentration at surface: synergy between microwaVe rAdiometer, Doppler and Aerobiological techniques. (CEVADA)AGORA, ES (OBS)Remote accessActivity Report
25C1-FKL-1University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)Impact of shipping emissions on particulate matter pollution over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (ISE-PM)FKL (OBS), GreeceCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
26C1-IASC-1Aix Marseille University (France)PROXI : atmospheric fate and impact of Piperitone: Reactivity, OXIdation products and SOA formationIASC (ASC), IcelandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
27C1-WOS-1University of Granada (Spain)Implementation of Combined lidar techniques for the retrieval of Aerosol fluxes in Rural and Urban Sites. (ICARUS)WOS (OBS), PolandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
28C1-LACROS-2Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial – INTA (Spain)Lidar-radar synergy studies with advanced experience in other instrumentation (Raman lidar and cloud radar) (LIRASYS)LACROS, DE (MOB)Physical accessActivity Report
29C1-SIRTA-1University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)The Influence of the Mixing State on Aerosol Light Absorption (IMSALA)SIRTA (OBS), FranceCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
30C1-FORTH-MSC-1National Research Council of Italy – CNR (Italy)Direct determination of secondary aerosol formation in the Po Valley through mobile reaction chamber technologiesFORTH-MSC (MOB), GreecePhysical accessActivity Report
31C1-CESAM-2Tampere University (Finland)Volatile Particles from Sustainable Aviation Fuel (VP-SAF)CESAM (ASC), FrancePhysical accessUnavailable
32C1-RADO-1University of Warsaw (Poland)Towards development of FLUorescence-MIe- RAman mobile lidar (FLUMIRA)RADO (OBS), RomaniaPhysical accessActivity Report
33C1-WOS-2National Institute of Space Research (Brazil)Structure and dynamics of the planetary boundary layer in urban environment ecosystem. (BOLAUR)WOS (OBS), PolandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
34C1-CAO/USRL-1University of Groningen (the Netherlands)New Particle Formation in the MEDiterranean region – insights into precursor and cluster composition (NPF- MED)CAO (OBS), Cyprus and USRL (MOB), CyprusCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
35C1– CMN-PV -3University of Bergen (Norway)Radio Interferometric Characterisation of High Energy Sources from Thunderstorms (RICHEST)CMN-PV (OBS), ItalyPhysical accessActivity Report
36C1– CMN-PV -4Terra Modus Consultants Limited (United Kingdom)Medusa Enhanced Volatile Organic Compounds (MEVOC)CMN-PV (OBS), ItalyPhysical accessActivity Report
37C1-ATMOS-2Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University – BAİBÜ (Turkey)Source Apportionment and Health Impact Assessment of Biomass Burning Organic Aerosols in Duzce (Turkey)ATMOS (OBS), Greece and FKL (OBS), GreecePhysical accessUnavailable
38C1– CMN-PV -2Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)Determination of Aerosol Acidity and Secondary Aerosol Formation in the Po ValleyCMN-PV (OBS), ItalyPhysical accessUnavailable
39C1-AGORA-2EAFIT University (Colombia)MultichAnnel Raman Lidar measurements and PROcessing CHain (MARPROCH)AGORA, ES (OBS)Combination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
40C2-SIRTA1Vaisala Oyj (Finland)
CL61-4UrbanABL: testing the added-value of novel CL61 automatic ceilometer measurements for atmospheric boundary layer profiling in an urban environment.SIRTA (OBS), FranceRemote accessUnavailable
41C2-CESAR1Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA- IASB)Ruisdael Rotterdam 2022 campaignCESAR (OBS), NetherlandsPhysical accessUnavailable
42C2-PALSOD1University of Hertfordshire (UK)Arctic Multi-Phase cLoud Experiment (AMPLE)FMI PAL-SOD (OBS), FinlandPhysical accessUnavailable
43C2-SAPHIR1Fudan University (China)
Simulating secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation of aromatics and their products over diurnal cyclesSAPHIR (ASC), GermanyPhysical accessUnavailable
44C2-ATMOS1Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares, Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)Chemical source profiling of exhaust and non-exhaust traffic emission sources in Portugal (CSPENE)ATMOS (OBS), GreecePhysical accessActivity Report
45C2-PALSOD2École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)Vertical aerosol profiles during the Pallas Ice Cloud Experiment 2022 – VAP-PaCEFMI PAL-SOD (OBS), FinlandPhysical accessActivity Report
46C2- ISOLAB/CESAR1Royal Holloway University of London (UK)BorMIS – Boreal methane isotope studiesISOLAB-UU @CESAR, NL (CL)Combination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
47C2-BCN4Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)Pollen Observations with Lidar – Laser Exploring in Non-invasive Atmospheric Techniques (POLLENAT)BCN (OBS), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
48C2- ACMCC/SIRTA1Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)Chemical composition of PM1 in Helsinki by RI-Urban (HelRI-Urban)ACMCC @SIRTA (CL), FrancePhysical accessUnavailable
49C2-BCN3University of Warsaw (Poland)Pollen Observations with Lidar – Laser Exploring in Non-invasive Atmospheric Techniques (POLLENAT)BCN (OBS), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
50C2-ACD-C/LACIS-T1Institute of Physical Chemistry PASThe Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) Formation and Evolution in the Forest Atmosphere (ForestSOA)ACD-C / LACIS-T, DE (ASC)Physical accessActivity Report
51C3-CHAMBRE-1Coventry University (UK)Investigation of aerosol forMation from contaminated waters with emerging Pollutants and model bACTeria (IMPACT)ChAMBRe, IT (ASC)Combination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
The Cyprus InstituteOxidative Potential of aerosols in Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean
Preliminary results (OXALEAST)
ATMOS, GR (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
53C1-FMI-PAL-SOD-1Evora (Portugal)Source apportionment of Arctic carbonaceous aerosol using the Angström exponent (SUPPOSE)FMI PAL-SOD, FI (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
54C1-EVASO-2National Research Council – Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC)Integration of near-surface and vertical NO2 observations (INESV-NO2) EVASO, PT (OBS)Activity Report
55C1-USRL-3Aristotle University of ThessalonikiAerosol vertical profiling with lidars and drones (EVIAN)USRL, CY (MOB)Physical accessActivity Report
56University of EvoraGround-based/Satellite Synergies for TrAcers Monitoring in Urban Areas. (GSS-TAMUA)AGORA, ES (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
57C1– CMN-PV -5 University of EvoraMeasurements Intercomparison for New Spectroscopic Instrument Calibration (MINSPEC)CMN-PV, IT (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
58C1-FMI-PAL-SOD-2Forschungszentrum JülichObservations of Stratospheric TRace gases Influencing Climate using High-altitude platforms (OSTRICH)FMI PAL-SOD, FI (OBS)Activity Report
59C1-AGORA5ONERALIdar LOW-height profiling field campaign for ABL characterization (LILOW-ABL)AGORA, ES (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
60C1-ATMOS-2Source Apportionment and Health Impact Assessment of Biomass Burning Organic Aerosols in Duzce (Turkey)ATMOS, GR (OBS), FKL, GR (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
61C2-CESAM1National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)Investigating the LIght Absorption properties of worldwide Dust aErosols (ILIADE)CESAM, FR (ASC)Physical accessActivity Report
62C3-ISAF3Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyVisit of the COCCON Travel Standard at the TCCON site in Izana (TS@IZO)ISAF – IZO, ES (OBS)Remote accessActivity Report
63Helmholtz-Zentrum hereonParticulates Infiltrating Residencies in Athens (PIRAthe)ATMOS, GR (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
64National Research Council – Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC)Aerosol LAyer DetectIoN 4 Air Quality (ALADIN4AQ)SIRTA, FR (OBS)Activity Report
65Istanbul Technical UniversityImpacts of Pollution Transport from Wildfires and Ship Emissions in the Eastern Mediterranean (ImPoWS)FKL, GR (OBS)Physical accessActivity Report
66Peking UniversityChamber experiments for investigating aromatics oxidation by OH at different NOx levels (CIAO)SAPHIR, DE (ASC)Physical accessActivity Report