Successful TNA provided through ATMO-ACCESS

#TNA IDInstitution NameTitle & Acronym of the projectHost Facility/iesType of access requestedActivity Report
1C1-CHAMBRE-1ETH Zürich (Switzerland)Survival of Antimicrobial Resistant Strains in the AirChAMBRe (ASC), ItalyPhysical accessActivity Report
2C1-FORTH-MSC-2Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS (Poland)The importance of sesquiterpene oxidation products for secondary organic aerosol formation – chamber experiments and field studies (SESQSOA)FORTH-MSC (MOB), GreecePhysical accessActivity Report
3C1-AURA-1University of Helsinki (Finland)Aarhus Chamber Campaign on Evaporation, Partitioning, and Terpene Oxidation (ACCEPTO)AURA (ASC), DenmarkPhysical accessActivity Report
4C1-ISAF-IZO/Obs- 1University of Helsinki (Finland)Chasing preindustrial aerosols at IzañaISAF – IZO (OBS), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
5C1- ISOLAB/CESAR-5Stockholm University (Sweden)Isotopic characterization of greenhouse gases – CO CH4 and CO2 – in sub-Saharan Africa background and urban environment.ISOLAB-UU @CESAR (CL), NetherlandsRemote accessUnavailable
6C1-LACROS-1Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich – ETH Zurich (Switzerland)Dual operation of 35 and 94 GHz radar during a seeding experiment (DORSE)LACROS (MOB), GermanyCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
7C1-SAPHIR-1University of Lille (France)Comparison of instruments detecting atmospheric organic peroxy radicals (ROxCOMP)SAPHIR (ASC), GermanyPhysical accessActivity Report
8C1-AIDA-1CNRS (France)AquaVIT-4 : International hygrometer intercomparison campaignAIDA (ASC), GermanyCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
9C1– CMN-PV -1University of Helsinki (Finland)New particle formation and its influence on air pollution in Po ValleyCMN-PV (OBS), ItalyCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
10C1-AGORA-1Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research Atmospheric Aerosol Research – IMK-AAF (Germany)Modular Observation Solution for Earth System (MOSE)AGORA (OBS), SpainPhysical accessActivity Report
11C1-PACS-C2-1CNRS-IRCELYON (France)Novel Molecular Understanding of Aerosol Formation (NUCLEATE)PACS-C2 (ASC), SwitzerlandPhysical accessUnavailable
12C1-CHAMBRE-2University of Manchester (United Kingdom)Validation of Real- time machine learning classification algorithms for the Detection of Airborne Pathogens using Novel Multi- Dimensional UV-LIF Spectrometers using Controlled ChamBRe Characterisation ExperimentsChAMBRe (ASC), ItalyPhysical accessActivity Report
13C1-ATMOS-1University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)BBAC TO Athens (Black-Brown carbon Aerosol Campaign ThroughOut Athens)ATMOS (OBS), GreecePhysical accessActivity Report
14C1-MAC-1ETH Zürich (Switzerland)Concentration and chemical composition contribution of Ice Nucleating particles from Biomass Burning emissions (IN-BB)MAC (ASC), United KingdomPhysical accessActivity Report
15C1-EVASO-1Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (Spain)Lidar data In a RT model for dust direct radiative effect estimation and evaluation against solar measurements (LiRTaSoM)EVASO (OBS), PortugalPhysical accessActivity Report
16C1-USRL-1University of Reading (United Kingdom)Diurnal vAriation of the vertically resolved siZe distribution in the Saharan Air Layer (DAZSAL)USRL (MOB), CyprusCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
17C1-KASCs-1North-West University (South Africa)Boreal and savanna fire aerosol ageing (BASFAA)KASCs (ASC), FinlandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
18C1-CAO-1Karsa Oy (Finland)Thermo Desorption – Multischeme chemical IONization inlet – Mass Spectrometer (TD-MION-MS) for atmospheric aerosol precursor and security research – proof of conceptCAO (OBS), CyprusPhysical accessUnavailable
19C1- EUPHORE/SMEAR II-1Aerosol d.o.o. (Slovenia)Advanced carbonaceous aerosol apportionment using Total Carbon Analyzer and newly developed Aethalometer prototype with extended wavelength range (ACAA:TC-BC 9λ)SMEAR II (OBS), Finland and EUPHORE (ASC), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
20C1-RADO-3Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)Training of hands-on operation of Lidars and data analysis at RODA.RADO (OBS), RomaniaPhysical accessUnavailable
21C1– KASCs -2The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)Probing Reactivity and Hygroscopicity Changes of Methanesulfonic Acid against OH Heterogeneous Oxidation using a Smog Chamber (MSAOH_CHAM)KASCs (ASC), FinlandPhysical accessUnavailable
22C1-RADO-2Czech Hydrometeorological Institute – CHMI / Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Czech Academy of Sciences – CAS (Czech Republic)SCC setup, testing and data check for the CHMI lidarRADO (OBS), RomaniaRemote accessActivity Report
23C1– CMN- PV/OPAR -1Stockholm University (Sweden)Net interactions between aerosol populations, fog and clouds under natural and anthropogenic influences (NetAeFoCs)CMN-PV (OBS), Italy and OPAR (OBS), FranceCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
24C1-FKL-1University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)Impact of shipping emissions on particulate matter pollution over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (ISE-PM)FKL (OBS), GreeceCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
25C1-IASC-1Aix Marseille University (France)PROXI : atmospheric fate and impact of Piperitone: Reactivity, OXIdation products and SOA formationIASC (ASC), IcelandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
26C1-WOS-1University of Granada (Spain)Implementation of Combined lidar techniques for the retrieval of Aerosol fluxes in Rural and Urban Sites. (ICARUS)WOS (OBS), PolandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
27C1-SIRTA-1University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)The Influence of the Mixing State on Aerosol Light Absorption (IMSALA)SIRTA (OBS), FranceCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
28C1-FORTH-MSC-1National Research Council of Italy – CNR (Italy)Direct determination of secondary aerosol formation in the Po Valley through mobile reaction chamber technologiesFORTH-MSC (MOB), GreecePhysical accessUnavailable
29C1-CESAM-2Tampere University (Finland)Volatile Particles from Sustainable Aviation Fuel (VP-SAF)CESAM (ASC), FrancePhysical accessUnavailable
30C1-WOS-2National Institute of Space Research (Brazil)Structure and dynamics of the planetary boundary layer in urban environment ecosystem. (BOLAUR)WOS (OBS), PolandCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
31C1-CAO/USRL-1University of Groningen (the Netherlands)New Particle Formation in the MEDiterranean region – insights into precursor and cluster composition (NPF- MED)CAO (OBS), Cyprus and USRL (MOB), CyprusCombination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
32C1– CMN-PV -3University of Bergen (Norway)Radio Interferometric Characterisation of High Energy Sources from Thunderstorms (RICHEST)CMN-PV (OBS), ItalyPhysical accessActivity Report
33C1– CMN-PV -4Terra Modus Consultants Limited (United Kingdom)Medusa Enhanced Volatile Organic Compounds (MEVOC)CMN-PV (OBS), ItalyPhysical accessUnavailable
34C1-ATMOS-2Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University – BAİBÜ (Turkey)Source Apportionment and Health Impact Assessment of Biomass Burning Organic Aerosols in Duzce (Turkey)ATMOS (OBS), Greece and FKL (OBS), GreecePhysical accessUnavailable
35C1– CMN-PV -2Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Switzerland)Determination of Aerosol Acidity and Secondary Aerosol Formation in the Po ValleyCMN-PV (OBS), ItalyPhysical accessUnavailable
36C2-SIRTA1Vaisala OyjCL61-4UrbanABL: testing the added-value of novel CL61 automatic ceilometer measurements for atmospheric boundary layer profiling in an urban environment.SIRTA (OBS), FranceRemote accessUnavailable
37C2-CESAR1Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA- IASB)Ruisdael Rotterdam 2022 campaignCESAR (OBS), NetherlandsPhysical accessUnavailable
38C2-PALSOD1University of HertfordshireArctic Multi-Phase cLoud Experiment (AMPLE)FMI PAL-SOD (OBS), FinlandPhysical accessUnavailable
39C2-SAPHIR1Fudan UniversitySimulating secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation of aromatics and their products over diurnal cyclesSAPHIR (ASC), GermanyPhysical accessUnavailable
40C2-ATMOS1Centro de Ciências e Tecnologias Nucleares, Instituto Superior TécnicoChemical source profiling of exhaust and non-exhaust traffic emission sources in Portugal (CSPENE)ATMOS (OBS), GreecePhysical accessActivity Report
41C2-PALSOD2École Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneVertical aerosol profiles during the Pallas Ice Cloud Experiment 2022 – VAP-PaCEFMI PAL-SOD (OBS), FinlandPhysical accessActivity Report
42C2- ISOLAB/CESAR1Royal Holloway University of LondonBorMIS – Boreal methane isotope studiesISOLAB-UU @CESAR, NL (CL)Combination of Physical and Remote accessUnavailable
43C2-BCN4Finnish Meteorological InstitutePollen Observations with Lidar – Laser Exploring in Non-invasive Atmospheric Techniques (POLLENAT)BCN (OBS), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
44C2- ACMCC/SIRTA1Finnish Meteorological IntituteChemical composition of PM1 in Helsinki by RI-Urban (HelRI-Urban)ACMCC @SIRTA (CL), FrancePhysical accessUnavailable
45C1-RADO-1University of Warsaw (Poland)Towards development of FLUorescence-MIe- RAman mobile lidar (FLUMIRA)AGORA (OBS), Spain and RADO (OBS), Romania
Physical accessActivity Report
46C2-BCN3University of Warsaw (Poland)Pollen Observations with Lidar – Laser Exploring in Non-invasive Atmospheric Techniques (POLLENAT)BCN (OBS), SpainCombination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
47C1-AGORA-2EAFIT University (Colombia)MultichAnnel Raman Lidar measurements and PROcessing CHain (MARPROCH)AGORA, ES (OBS)Combination of Physical and Remote accessActivity Report
48C2-ACD-C/LACIS-T1Institute of Physical Chemistry PASThe Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) Formation and Evolution in the Forest Atmosphere (ForestSOA)ACD-C / LACIS-T, DE (ASC)Physical accessActivity Report
49C1-LACROS-2Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial – INTA (Spain)Lidar-radar synergy studies with advanced experience in other instrumentation (Raman lidar and cloud radar) (LIRASYS)LACROS, DE (MOB)Physical accessActivity Report