Call for Volunteer Experts for the Access Evaluation Panel

Call for Volunteer Experts for the Access Evaluation Panel

The ATMO-ACCESS project invites volunteer experts — scientists, academicians, and other professionals who work in the field of atmospheric research — to apply to become members of the Access Evaluation Panel established to consent fair merit review of TransNational Access (TNA) requests.

The Access Evaluation Panel (AEP) is the ATMO-ACCESS consolidated source of reviewers from which members are drawn to serve on review panels for the single access proposals. The panel size shall guarantee an appropriate balance of the workload for each expert, ensuring that reviewers are invited to evaluate a reasonable amount of proposals.

All members of the AEP act in honorary capacity. They guarantee that the TNA proposals submitted by users are selected based on an expert, sound, fair, impartial and transparent assessment. All details are provided in the AEP Terms of Reference.

AEP members are experts in one or more of the following primary areas of expertise, including, but not limited to:

  • Aerosol remote sensing
  • Aerosol in situ
  • Cloud remote sensing
  • Cloud in situ
  • Reactive Trace Gases remote sensing
  • Reactive Trace Gases in situ
  • Radiative balance/ climate / models
  • Life/ health/ environment
  • Instrument/ prototypes
  • GHG air composition in-situ, vertical profiles and remote sensing
  • GHG flux in-situ through eddy covariance and profile measurements
  • Radiation and water balance observation
  • Ecosystem observations linked to GHG fluxes and water balance

AEP membership is diverse. Applications from candidates with different skills, experience, gender, and from all geographic regions are welcome. The working language is English.

Click here to apply to the AEP programme*

*The downloadable application form can be found here.

Why become an AEP expert?

  • Share expertise and collaborate with colleagues worldwide

AEP members work with leading scientific and academic professionals from all regions of the world. They exchange and cooperate with first-class research facilities in Europe.

  • Impact research addressing global challenges in atmospheric science, industry, and society

Through the contribution of their personal, professional and scientific judgment, AEP members help promoting the advancement of research, new developments, and technologies that address key open questions for atmospheric science and society.

  • Add distinction to your career

Peer review of TNA proposals can be a meaningful and enriching experience demonstrating an individual’s standing, engagement and contribution to the global academic community. Peer review, though volunteer, adds to experts’ credentials proving interest and service in the field.

For further information, please contact: ACTRIS SAMU – Service and Access Management Unit tna[a]