TNA Call Application

ATMO-ACCESS supports Trans-National Access (TNA) to services offered by selected, first-class European atmospheric research facilities. The access can be in person or remotely, but is in any case free of charge and includes the logistical, technological and scientific support and the specific training that is needed to use the services provided by the facility.

Users are warmly encouraged to interact directly with the PIs (user group leader) of the facilities during the preparation of TNA proposals and before their submission to verify details of access, address practicalities and explore.

In order to apply, you should complete the online Application form before 31st January 2024.

Here you will find everything you need to apply:

More detailed information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. For any other questions or for assistance, do not hesitate to contact the ATMO-ACCESS TNA team at

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The evaluation process

An independent selection panel will review all eligible applications, according to 3 standards:

  • Scientific excellence: considering the scientific and technical value, the originality and novelty, the relevance and impact of the project, the dissemination plan, the quality of the proposing user group etc.
  • Technical need-driven criteria for increasing instrument performance (maintenance, calibration, QA) and operator training.
  • Innovation and Market-driven aspects, especially when access involves users from the private sector. In this case, the innovation potential of TNA proposals, possible technological developments as well as market developments and impacts on the economy are principally considered.

The TNA requests will be evaluated once the call is closed, provided that:

  1. users and the facilities have already discussed the details of the project before submission
  2. the suitable reviewers are available at the request
  3. no complex integrations or clarifications are requested to users by reviewers

Once the evaluation is completed, the TNA Team will inform applicants of the final decision and of the amount of financial support, a couple of months after the closing of the call.

The General Evaluation Guidelines are available at this link.

The TNA process in a nutshell