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RI Urbans Science Meeting 2023

octobre 18 - octobre 19

RI-URBANS will celebrate its 2nd Science Meeting on October 18-19, 2023 in Delft (The Netherlands).

This event represents the mid-term project meeting and will be focused on the major topics of the project:

  • Outputs of the 1st reporting period evaluation
  • Pan-European reports on advanced air quality parameters
  • Open access of compiled data and data flow towards ACTRIS of further measurements
  • Service tools for 3D measurements
  • Analysis of health outcomes, city mapping, citizen involvement, pollution, and hotspots.
  • First results on emission inventories and modelling.
  • Progress of the 5 pilots.
  • How ACTRIS/RI-URBAN might support the implementation of the new Air Quality Directive
  • Progress of upscaling actions.
  • The case study of upscaling for Warsaw.

At the same time, a major goal of the 2nd Science Meeting is to involve air-quality policy stakeholders in the interpretations and discussions of the project results, as well as pilots and applications of the service tools.

The meeting will have a hybrid format: onsite in the Green Village in Delft, and online via zoom.


Début :
octobre 18
Fin :
octobre 19
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