First call for access

ATMO-ACCESS provides opportunities for accessing 43 operational European atmospheric research facilities in Europe.

We are pleased to announce the first call to access facilities within the framework of ATMO-ACCESS. The first call for access opened on Thursday 28th October 2021 and will remain open until Friday 28th January 2022.

In this first call, all ATMO-ACCESS facilities will be eligible, the call topic will be open and access modalities will be unrestricted.

Nevertheless, a key goal of the ATMO-ACCESS project is to explore and test modalities of access to eventually identify an optimum sustainable access model. Whilst not essential, in the spirit of ATMO-ACCESS, and in preparation for future calls, innovative modes of access are particularly encouraged. Examples of such novel access proposals could include, but are not limited to:

  • combinations of remote and physical access
  • combinations of training and scientific delivery / innovation
  • cross-disciplinary access from beyond atmospheric science
  • simultaneous or sequential access to multiple facilities
  • simultaneous access by users from multiple sectors
  • piloting of use of facilities for novel purposes
  • ATMO platforms offering access for the first time (to be listed soon)

Owing to continued and varied restrictions in response to COVID-19 measures it is understood that there may still be constraints on physical mobility; it may be advisable to consider remote or hybrid access contingencies where appropriate.

How to apply?

All information about the application procedure, the eligibility criteria and the selection process are available at this page.