Discover the footprint tool for analysing source regions for observations of aerosols and reactive trace gases

New ATMO-ACCESS Virtual access service launched!

Discover and make use of the FLEXPART atmospheric transport modelling products for ground-based observations to analyse source regions and emission sources of aerosols and reactive trace gases. ATMO-ACCESS service offers now model tools for interpretation of measurement data from background stations. You can request model runs to produce data products (e.g footprint residence times, source contributions from different emission sectors) for your decided locations, or search and use the already produced products. An example of one of the products is shown below.

Example of one of the products we can offer; Time series (3 hours resolution) of the modelled black carbon concentration at Ispra, Italy April 2020 (lower panel) and the spatial distribution of anthropogenic emission contribution for the 24th of April (upper panel)

The ATMO-ACCESS digital online services for science are building on the expertise of ACTRIS, ICOS and IAGOS. The virtual access portal offers online cross-atmospheric research infrastructures services, addresses the archiving and curation of data, integrated data products for analysis and interpretation, and virtual tools for training.

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Job opportunity: Project manager, Clermont-Ferrand France

The ATMO-ACCESS Coordination and Project Office are currently looking for a project manager, to contribute to the management of the project, monitor its execution, and participate in specific actions related to access to the services of research facilities in the atmospheric field in Clermont Ferrand, France.



Plan your access using our call schedule!

Plan your access to ATMO-ACCESS facilities! This is indicative call schedule displays the planned calls for access until the end of the project. A general call for access will open […]


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The ATMO-ACCESS Virtual access portal has  been launched

Discover the Homeless data portal  – The first online service released within ATMO-ACCESS The ATMO-ACCESS digital online services for science are building on the expertise of ACTRIS, ICOS and IAGOS. […]