Second call for access

ATMO-ACCESS provides opportunities for accessing 52 of the most advanced operational European atmospheric research facilities in Europe, in support of the objectives of the Green Deal.

After the ample participation of users in the 1st call for TransNational Access, we are pleased to announce that a new TNA call to access facilities within the framework of ATMO-ACCESS will open on Friday May 6th 2022 and will remain open until Wednesday 6th July 2022.

Young scientists wanting to test out new theories or ideas, scientists working with local authorities on tricky air pollution problems, companies/private sector users developing instruments that need testing can’t miss the opportunity to apply.

Whilst there is no requirement for the user or the service provider to be partners in Green Deal funded projects, alignment with relevant projects such as RI-URBANS or ICOS Cities would be welcome. Users only need to demonstrate how using the ATMO-ACCESS ground-based observation stations, atmospheric simulation chambers, mobile facilities, or central atmospheric science laboratories will enhance ongoing research, development, or innovation activities regarding the Green Deal. 

Eligible proposals are selected by an independent selection panel considering scientific excellence, technical merit, innovation and market-driven aspects.

TNA is provided free of charge to the selected users in person (physical access), remotely (remote access) or both, and includes the logistical, technological and scientific support and the specific training that is needed to use the services provided by the facility. To facilitate TNA, users may benefit from a contribution to support some of their travel and local subsistence costs. 

ATMO-ACCESS promotes gender equality in scientific research and specifically encourages applications from women.