Trans-National Access for Private Sector

ATMO-ACCESS aims to support users from the private sector offering great opportunities for innovation and knowledge transfer with industry (especially SMEs) thanks to tailored support and services, unique insights into new or existing products, help to solve technical uncertainties, thus supporting pre-competitive and pre-commercial R&D.This special access program establishes and strengthens the links between the private sector and research institutions, especially in cross-border collaborations, fostering a successful transition from knowledge to innovation.

A wide range of services is available for access (e.g. instruments and sub-components testing, intercomparison of performance, co-development of new solutions, etc.) by our numerous facilities: 22 observational platforms, 14 simulation chambers, 4 mobile platforms and 12 central laboratories.

The accelerated access procedure includes:

  • Spontaneous application: Users from the private sector can submit their project proposals without following any specific call schedule.
  • Shorten evaluation: Proposals are processed as they come, an independent review will be conducted as rapidly as possible (foreseen decision time: ~2-3 weeks).

You can find out more information about our Transnational Access Programme at this link.

Users from the private sector are invited to apply through the PASS platform.