1st call for Transnational access

ATMO-ACCESS provides opportunities for accessing 43 operational European atmospheric research facilities in Europe.

We are pleased to announce the first call to access facilities within the framework of ATMO-ACCESS. The first call for access opened on 28 October 2021 and will remain open 28 January 2022.

In this first call, all ATMO-ACCESS facilities will be eligible, the call topic will be open and access modalities will be unrestricted.

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The call for Associated Partners is now open

ATMO-ACCESS invites researchers, both from academia and industry, working in relevant fields to cooperate with us through our Associated Partnership programme.

ENVRI competition

ENVRI user story competition

Have you used one of the services offered by ICOS, IAGOS or ACTRIS? ENVRI, the community of environmental research infrastructures, organizes a user story competition. Participate and you can win up to 3000 EUR support for your research.