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The ATMO-ACCESS Virtual access portal has  been launched

Discover the Homeless data portal  – The first online service released within ATMO-ACCESS

The ATMO-ACCESS digital online services for science are building on the expertise of ACTRIS, ICOS and IAGOS. The new virtual access portal aims to offer online cross-atmospheric research infrastructures services, address the archiving and curation of data, integrated data products for analysis and interpretation, and virtual tools for training.

The Homeless data portal is set up to serve scientists producing atmospheric measurements resulting from research campaigns and/or TNA activities that are normally not included in any other data management system and activity. These data sets are considered  “homeless”,  i.e. they  are not associated with any long-term projects or sustainable data centres. Making your data accessible through a FAIR data centre is the most efficient way to ensure its long term curation and promote its visibility and access to a large research community. This new portal makes these data well documented for use and easily available. The service is open for data collected during the ATMO-ACCESS project, past TNA and other campaign activities for the supported parameters.

The Homeless data will be handled according to the FAIR principles as far as possible; the service also includes DOI minting for the data sets if requested by the user, either for individual data sets, or a collection DOI for a large set of data, e.g. full campaigns provide easy access to all data from a specific campaign or research project.

Depending on the needs, the portal will route your request seamless to the corresponding RI experts:

  • IAGOS for data collected on moving platforms (aircraft, drones, balloons);
  • ICOS for surface data on greenhouse gasses including halocarbons;
  • ACTRIS for data on reactive trace gasses, cloud and aerosol particle properties.

Interested? The virtual access service is funded by ATMO-ACCESS and free and open to all users while the project budget lasts.

As a first step you need to register yourself and your institution by login – this is necessary for reporting purposes as requested by our founder, the European Commission. The information will only be used to document the use of the service, and for feedback.

Once you enter the Homeless Data Portal, you will be able to:

  • Apply for data curation and archiving services through the atmospheric RIs
  • Search ATMO-ACCESS related data from TNA and campaign activities
  • Ask questions and receive support regarding the data curation

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